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DJED Stablecoin


If DJED is an overcollaterized stablecoin, what does that mean for ADA? How can a stablecoin affect the price of ADA?


Is ADAX token the next 100x?

An underdog in the Cardano Ecosystem; Can ADAX Provide? Can this up and coming Cardano DEX come up with huge gains in the next bull run?

COTI announce new partnership

COTI announce new NFT partnership

How Can a new NFT partnership benefit COTI and the utility of DJED, Cardano's new stablecoin. Will this provide more use cases for DJED?

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Why it makes sense to buy more ada

We’ve recently seen a nice 26% pump in the price of ADA over the last 7 days, should we be buying more or waiting for the next dip?

Whales are moving in on cardano

In the space of 24 hours Cardano ADA’s market cap jumped from around $10 billion to just over $11.5 billion.

Is this a sure 26x return on investment?

Charli3 is Cardano’s first decentralised oracle network, built to avoid issues with scaling, high network fees and flexibility.

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What is Cardano?

"Making the world better for all"

Cardano is a blockchain platform designed with the tools and technologies required to bring about positive global change.

Cardano is the first of it’s kind proof of stake blockchain platform that on peer reviewed research based on evidence based methods.  Its pioneered technology provides security and sustainability to decentralised applications, systems and societies. 

"Cardano is the most environmentally sustainable blockchain"

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Are you interested in the Cardano ecosystem?

Here’s a list below on a few of each of the different platforms, tokens, exchanges and more that’s going on right now within Cardano.

This is just a small handful of projects on Cardano.  For a more detailed list and more information on each project visit Cardano Cube.

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